2012 memoirs

This should have come earlier…lazy me


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”. Robert Collier (American motivational author, 1885-1950)

I would sum up the message that this year held: its knowing the power of the little, for a larger part of the year, I wanted the large, mighty and gigantic breakthroughs and while nothing is wrong with that, I realize that in reflecting over the course of the year, most of the success stories of the so called big miracles of others I heard or read of came from their ‘little’ of yesterday.

Honestly, I cannot point to anything significant that happened to me this year that did not come from yesterday’s little. My generation often carries a message: the big is more important than the small, hence the celebration of big things. We hurry in our pursuit of the big, forgetting and ignoring the power of the small.

As a photographer, I spoke to many successful photographers this year, I asked everyone the same question on how their walk to fame began, and their answer was the same: little starts. I was really hungry for the big equipments (because I can use them) and I wanted some of them so badly, but i as read about and interviewed this bigwigs, something resonated across: nothing is suddenly big. There are no sudden success stories, everyone that became big, had a little to start with yesterday. So I got used to the little.

In many people’s lives, I know there were frustrations, the perfect year was quite elusive for many, the year had its vissictudes but certainly, it had its own seeds.

I write with a bit of responsibility recognizing the various challenges that 2012 posed, if there is anything to carry into the new year, it would be to utilize the power of the little.

Leke Alder says premium comes with a price: rarity and excellence, I would add that it also comes with practice, sweat and blood. You need seed to practice with and you have your seed with you.

I make bold to also add that we already know most of the things that would make us succeed, the struggle we often have as humans, is to throw our minds around needlessly in search of new stories and information added to it is the usual shade of wrong comparisons.

We would not all be high paid executives at the word go, however, we would all have opportunities we can leverage on, it important to leverage on the right images that bring the mighty success stories, you may not like its opening montage but it is enough to get you smiling in the new year.

Remember that little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

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One thought on “2012 memoirs

  1. Nice piece Laolu, some food for thots here. “I asked everyone the same question on how their walk to fame began, and their answer was the same: little starts”
    May God bless our little beginnings to greater heights.

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