Green musings

You woke up one sunny morning drove out of your house and cursed the black road with marks of your used tires…

slammed your forward pedal in a graduated and careless  speed until you are stopped by a nigerian policeman at his post …

With a smirk and certain familiarity your words rises past the mirror frame

Your right hand darts out of your right pocket with  a note to end your delay… so you urge him with your words…”ogaaa” with a slur and drag that purposely mocks his uniform and poverty.

You can see his shoe open to the sun like a DSTV dish, your  mind does not take note.

Then you grant him a gift…its a crsip and harmless 50 naira, the highest you’ve given to a policeman.

His next unexpected lines jolt you beyond dreaming… “you are under arrest for attempting and inducing a policeman”.


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